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Medical careThere was a time in generations past when simply holding down a full-time position with your community employer meant having the medical benefits you needed. Such was the nature of the social contract that came with the job. Health insurance and medical services for the most part were available, accessible and affordable. Visit your doctor; see the pharmacist to fill prescriptions; go to the hospital for more serious and urgent care. Costs were rarely prohibitive, and when they were the employer was only at risk when directly liable.


Today, health insurance is THE topic of conversation nationwide, as it impacts everyone in the workplace. Benefits have often been erased as companies can’t keep up with the overall cost. As Obamacare continues through 2014, we invite you to bring us your questions and concerns.
Let us bring you up to date on the latest wrinkles coming out of Washington D.C., affecting your choices.
As a Group Health Insurance provider for your employees, it is important to know your obligations and to intelligently share what your recipients are and are not entitled to through your company policy. Count on Bright Future Insurance to bring clarity to all parties involved.

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